CoNecs North America

Two highly respected and experienced firms--Molera Alvarez, a government affairs firm, and Urias Communications, a multicultural advertising and public relations agency--established CoNecs North America, a full-service, integrated brand management agency.

CoNecs NA was launched to leverage powerful advertising, digital and PR campaigns with connections at every level of government, business throughout the community to effectively and positively position clients. This partnership builds on each agency’s respective strengths and provides strategic solutions to clients in the world of rapidly changing market demographics.



"Two of the most high-profile Hispanic-owned companies in government affairs and public relations are merging, hoping to tap into a broader market in Arizona and beyond."

—Phoenix Business Journal

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The Latest at CoNecs

August 2018 / ON THE MOVE

Congratulations to CoNecs N.A. Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Jason Coochwytewa, who was recently named to the Grand Canyon Association (GCA) national board. Congratulations to CoNecs N.A. PR Director, Marisol Peláez, a Cultural Marketing Council "Rising Star". CoNecs N.A. profile in Voyage Phoenix.


Our Vision

CoNecs NA provides clients with an ability to strengthen their brands and enhance their profitability through cutting edge strategic campaigns.

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Innovation is key to remaining relevant in the marketplace. Our team of experts will provide creative techniques to achieve your desired results.
— Ruben Alvarez / Partner

Most Influential Women in Arizona

Lisa Urias - AZ Business, 2016


Man of the Year

Ruben E. Alvarez - The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, 2016


Fifty Most Influential Leaders in Arizona

Jaime A. Molera - The Phoenix Business Journal, 2006