Desert Botanical Garden

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A Leader in Education and Conservation


The Desert Botanical Garden is an important conservation institution at a global scale. Researchers work day and night to understand, protect and conserve the desert flora and they continuously collaborate with different international organizations.


Recently, scientists at the Desert Botanical Garden and Archaeology Southwest recently discovered a domesticated species of agave growing in ancient farm fields in southern Arizona’s San Pedro River Valley, called sanpedroensis, which has shed new light on the indigenous cultures of Arizona and how they subsisted in the inhospitable desert of the southern part of the state. This discovery has also helped the garden recover a crop on the brink of extinction.


Although this information is shared among people in the scientific field, it is very important to disseminate to the general public at a more global scale. Our team constantly works with international media outlets to bring attention to the significant achievements and contributions of our clients in their respective fields. International attention does not only help us position our client in a global scene, but it also helps create consciousness about the importance of conservation at a global scale.


This discovery was featured in international news outlets in various countries. If you would like to read the Spanish story on Yahoo Noticias, please click here.

Damien Hernandez