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Claude Mattox

VP of Government & Community Relations

Claude Mattox joined Molera Alvarez, A Government & Public Affairs Firm, as Vice President of Government and Community Relations in 2012, after a successful twelve year career as a member of the Phoenix City Council.

Claude brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with 35 years of community and political involvement in Phoenix, the State of Arizona and at the national level. As V.P. with Molera Alvarez, Claude assists clients with navigating local government processes, community outreach, issues management and business development. Claude's vast experience includes aviation, economic development, public finance, land use, infrastructure, public safety, transportation, and western water issues. His Phoenix City Council experience also opened doors at the state and national levels, having been appointed to several state and national organizations and committees.


Molera Alvarez, a Government and Public Affairs Firm, was founded by Jaime Molera and Ruben Alvarez in 2003. Molera Alvarez is considered one of the most influential government affairs and business development firms in Arizona, bringing years of experience to government affairs, public and community affairs and international services. In 2016 Molera Alvarez joined with Urias Communications to start CoNecs North America to expand our services to include public relations and issues management.