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Anushka Figueroa


Anushka was named Vice President, Client Services of CoNecs North America in 2018. She is a marketing communications and advertising professional who recognizes the significance of brand perception and how the perception of your brand impacts everything. Crafting strategic, culturally integrated campaigns to drive emotional connections to brands is her passion and creates important brand recognition and embrace.

Prior to joining the CoNecs team, she contributed to the public relations, marketing and advertising for organizations such as the National Hispanic Foundation, Fujitsu, Ariba, Yahoo, United Way, IMH Financial Corporation, Nationwide Vision, Fun Brands, OMNI Resorts, and Wells Fargo. Anushka has a degree in Public Relations from the School of Journalism at San Jose State University. Her professional experience includes working with B2B/B2C clients in a variety of industries, including high-tech, non-profit, retail, medical, hospitality, real estate, and finance to manage their brand strategy and marketing communications efforts.