Government Affairs


We are proficient in managing the political aspects of all types of federal issues. We have earned the reputation of effective negotiators, a skill imperative in navigating federal political and public affairs issues. Our services include:

  • Congressional advocacy
  • Legislative consulting
  • Navigation of the complexities of federal process
  • Public relations
  • Dispute resolution
  • Agency Navigation
  • State


The CoNecs team is known as the “go-to” firm for state policy advocacy in both Executive and Legislative arenas. Our team has worked as staff in both branches, affording our firm “insider knowledge” not often found in other firms. Our successes include large scale, statewide policy changes and significant business-related regulatory shifts. We achieve success for our clients through our strong relationships across all political parties, and our straightforward, well strategized approach. We are known for our ability to create coalitions of supporters from among disparate groups to achieve our client’s goals, garnering the respect of the coalition members in the process. We provide solutions related to:

  • Relationship building
  • Regulatory changes
  • Statutory changes
  • Budget issues
  • City


Our understanding of the local political landscape differentiates our firm in the marketplace. We are relied upon to help clients maximize their opportunities with municipalities. However we do not limit our city work to just Arizona. Our firm has relationships with municipalities nationwide, and often serves as the national representative for our clients. We provide solutions related to:

  • Navigation through the procurement process
  • Messaging and marketing strategy
  • Enhancing competitive standing and marketability
  • Regulatory review and revision


Market Research and Strategy

Creative execution without a clear strategy and point of view can be a complete waste of time and money. CoNecs NA helps you make informed decisions by gathering the qualitative and quantitive data necessary to:

  • Identify your current position within the marketplace
  • Set primary goals for general branding awareness
  • Develop a unique, compelling brand platform that will bring you to the forefront of the market
  • Create a compelling creative campaign that is on strategy and on budget
  • Determine benchmarks to measure the return on your marketing investment


Ensuring your brand is not just recognized, but embraced, is always our primary goal. CoNecs NA has created and launched new brands, re-created old brands and developed brand extensions for clients in a variety of industries. Our branding work includes clients such as the Phoenix Zoo, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Camelot Homes and many others.

Creative Direction & Design

Connecting diverse worlds is our specialty. Our team excels in using vivid visuals that speak to the hearts of our target audience to create a powerful, meaningful experience. Combining this emotional response with a clear and forceful message builds not just brand recognition, but brand loyalty.

Television & Radio Production

Taking broadcast media from one market into another can often be ineffective, and expecting markets to respond to mass-market creative can be risky. What are the stories your markets will respond to? CoNecs NA knows how to craft broadcast creative so your target market turns up the dial and responds to your products and services.

Proactive Public/Media Relations

Our community ties and strategic relationships with decision-makers, media, and community organizations mean an unmatched ability to build public awareness. Our fully bilingual team will position you positively whether on urban streets or rural fields, in grassroots campaigns or within the New York Times.

Targeted Media Planning & Buying

With so many mediums to choose from, which ones are right for you? Our experts can help you choose the best media for your needs and budget, whether television, radio, web, print, outdoor or direct mail. We also provide competitive analysis that shows you where you stand in the market versus your competition.

Social Media & Interactive Technology

Striking the right note on social media or via interactive technology can help you build a meaningful relationship with your audience and yield exponential word-of-mouth benefit, as well as a treasure trove of data to help you further understand your audience. Online audiences have notoriously low attention spans, but they recognize relevant, original content when they see it.

Our interactive design, technology and strategy specialists understand the intricacies of online and multimedia communications. We’ll help you capture the regional market and track your return on investment.